Who We Are

Brown Robin Capital is a private investment fund seeking to acquire, operate, and grow a small to mid-sized private company with revenues between $5-$40 million. We focus on established, profitable companies in growing industries. We are primarily interested in services and light manufacturing companies.

Brown Robin Capital was formed by a team of experienced operators, entrepreneurs, and investors with the express purpose of creating long-term value in the companies in which it invests and operates.

What We Do

Brown Robin Capital provides access to both capital and an energetic management team, focused on building long-term growth. In doing so, we offer an attractive liquidity option for owner/operators seeking to exit the day to day management of their business as well as a divestiture option for divisions that no longer fit with their company’s broader strategic plan. We aim to create mutually beneficial relationships with potential sellers and their company’s management team, staff, and customers. These relationships form the foundation upon which the Brown Robin management team can partner to drive profitable growth for employees and shareholders.

What We Value

As a team, Brown Robin Capital believes in a set of core values:


We conduct all business with the highest standard of integrity, honesty, and professionalism.


We strive to build a collaborative culture based on trust, open communication, and the sharing of ideas, leadership, and rewards.


We understand that success results from hard work and dedication. We are vigorously and enthusiastically committed to everything that we do.

Quality Work Environment

We strive to create an engaging and fulfilling work environment. Happy and content employees are more productive employees.