At Brown Robin Capital, we understand that building a successful business requires years of hard work and dedication. The decision to sell that business is an important and difficult one that affects the lives of many people. We want to assure business owners that the continued success of their business is our number one priority. We are committed to retaining the employees and preserving the culture, reputation, and customer relationships that have made a company successful.

Brown Robin Capital has access to substantial capital resources, which will help to ensure a smooth transition of ownership on flexible terms.

But Brown Robin Capital brings more than just financial capital to any investment it undertakes. Our fund is comprised of the Brown Robin management team as well as a group of respected executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. These individuals have decades of experience managing, investing in, and growing businesses. They will serve as active advisors and directors in ensuring the long-term success of any Brown Robin investment.

Working With Brown Robin

Specifically, when interacting with Brown Robin Capital, sellers can expect:

Timely Transactions

A long, drawn out sales process can put substantial stress on an organization and its employees, and that is stress that no one wants. Our access to substantial capital resources enables the quick and professional consummation of transactions.

Flexible Deal Structures

Brown Robin Capital has the ability to tailor the financing of the transaction to accommodate a seller’s lifestyle and tax planning needs. We are open to the possibility of ongoing owner involvement and/or equity in the business where it makes sense.

Continued Venture Success

Brown Robin Capital is committed to growing the business an owner has built. We are not interested in flipping companies for near-term returns. We manage with the intention of creating a profitable, growing enterprise for the long-term.

Employee Welfare and Relationships

Retaining a company’s current employees, preserving its culture, and building strong a relationship with existing management are critical for long-term success. Brown Robin Capital will work with current employees to ensure a smooth transition and fair treatment of the people who have contributed significantly in building a company.

Commitment to Integrity

Brown Robin Capital is committed to conducting all business and negotiations with the highest standard of integrity.